Tips for Completing Your Application

Top 10 Tips for Completing Your Celebrate Clay Application

  1. Fill in every blank or designate n/a if a section is not applicable.
  2. This is not a grant program. Please do not request funds for future projects or programs. This is an awards program to recognize outstanding projects completed or started in 2019. Please tell us about your 2019 accomplishments.
  3. Use descriptive examples in your narrative (section III) such as a story of an individual, family, senior, youth, veteran, animal, resource, etc. whom your organization impacted.
  4. Explain any deficits in your 2019 operating results.
  5. If you are applying for a Volunteer of the Year Award, only one volunteer per organization may be nominated (multiple volunteer nominations from the same organization will not be accepted).
  6. Type your application if possible. Otherwise, please print legibly in black or blue ink.
  7. Remember to complete your project impact on Clay County and 1-2 page narrative in section III. A combination of data and anecdotal stories are recommended.
  8. If you email your completed application, please call Amy at 269-5857 ext. 404 to confirm she received your application.
  9. Make sure you provide us with the correct information on your 501(c) 3 IRS exempt status. Please view this link regarding proof of your 501 (c) 3 status for details.
  10. Submit your application by the deadline, February 4, 2020.

Thank you and good luck!

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