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The Paul E. and Klare N. Reinhold Foundation is a family foundation, founded by Paul and Klare Reinhold in 1954. The Foundation supports philanthropic and charitable programs through several different funding initiatives. Principal among these programs is the Reinhold Leadership Development Initiative. This program is dedicated to enhancing the leadership skills of senior staff members and volunteers that manage non-profit organizations. This grant program is restricted to organizations that provide meaningful services to the citizens of Clay County, Florida. The mission of this program is to improve the quality of life of the residents of Clay County, Florida.


The Paul E. and Klare N. Reinhold Foundation, Inc. was organized by Paul E. Reinhold in 1954. Mr. Reinhold was a successful businessman and a national leader in the dairy business. His wife, Klare N. Reinhold was a source of strength for him and together they supported many philanthropic and charitable causes. They were both deeply religious people and their church was a very important part of their lives. They were interested particularly in seeing young people develop to their greatest potential. They also enjoyed music and art and had an appreciation for many of the old classics. Health care and its related ability to help people live a fuller and happier life were also a major concern they shared. Klare Reinhold died at age 79 in 1975. Paul Reinhold died in 1987 at the age of 93. The Foundation provides the means for the continuing support of the philanthropic concerns of its founders.

Mission Statement

To perpetuate the ethos of cathedral building in doing good in the community within the context of Christian values and family continuity (unity) and to share in the celebration of family heritage.

Paul & Klare Reinhold Family

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